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Have you considered chiropractic care for pregnancy in Brentwood? It's common for women to complain of a lot of lower back pain while pregnant. The physical stress of pregnancy can lead to a great deal of discomfort.

During pregnancy, a women’s body is undergoing a number of different changes to accommodate the growing baby. Due to the weight that that is gained, a mother’s center gravity changes. It shifts to the front of her pelvis and this is not a natural position. It can result in added stress and discomfort in the lower back and various joints in the pelvis. Throughout the pregnancy, as the baby grows, the mother gains more weight and the back becomes more stressed, This causes the lordotic curvature in her low back to increase. If there has been a history of lower back problems, there is a good chance that the pregnancy will aggravate the condition. This may lead to difficultly performing daily routines and create difficulties in labor.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50-70% of pregnant women experience lower back pain at some point. The back pain generally peaks around the third trimester because this is when the baby gains the most weight. There are many more problems that the stress on the lower back can create such as leg cramps, abdominal cramping, constipation, and much more.

Congratulations! You are having a tiny little baby!
We are so excited for you. This may be your first or your sixth, but you still have to grow it; which can be hard work on your body.

I find there are distinct differences between ‘first baby’ moms and moms who are on their second or more.

If you are a ‘first baby’ mom please do enjoy the fact that you have time for naps and take them! Use this first pregnancy to be as healthy and rested as you can be and build yourself up. Also know that 10 out of 10 times, I hear from mothers that they “wished they had known about chiropractic for pregnancy”. I am going to address the most common issues below that will be new for you. I will also tell you this: it is true; you will never be the same person once that baby is born. So also use this time to understand you are important and good and this baby loves you unconditionally. He or she does not care what you weigh or what your past was or if you feel good about yourself. They love you. This is a time to build yourself up.

Moms with two or more: I would tell you the same thing of course. With the maturity that parenting brings; you must also really know to put yourself back on the list at all. Your health actually directly affects the health of your family. So the time you take for your health and well-being is, in fact, the best thing you could do.

Chiropractic care:

  • Low back and sciatic pain: Please see these under the What We Do page. The reason that you are having these symptoms, however, is because your body is changing rapidly and in an uncontrollable way. Yes. Chiropractic is the safest, best form of healthcare to address these complaints. It is safer than Tylenol or Advil. We at Franklin Family Chiropractic understand you are going to be protective of your belly. That is why we walk you through the adjustment and why you have the ‘veto’ power for us to use the activator tool on a ‘protective’ day.
    We do not adjust over the baby or the fundus (top of the uterus). In fact, There are pillow type devices to allow us to do so and we are highly against it. We are very conservative and utilize many different body positions to adjust you, that do not put pressure on the baby.
  • Bladder symptoms: peeing all the time or chronic infections. I wish it were as easy as saying the baby is sitting on your bladder. While it is not untrue it is not the problem until the very end of your pregnancy. You should not be peeing all the time! It means your pelvis and sacrum are stuck in the forward position, agitating the nerves to give you that horrible pee sensation without really needing to go. The way to adjust this is actually to ‘pull the sacrum back’. If you get a traditional chiropractic low back adjustment it will not help. You need to sleep; it is vital that you get this under control.
    Waddling: You should not be waddling. You need chiropractic adjustments to get your sacrum and pelvis in line, thus giving the baby more room to move and proper biomechanics to your spine.
  • Neck and upper back pain: You may have this either during pregnancy because of a growth spurt in your breasts or from nursing. I adjust you and reset your body to help you manage the pain and reduce it during this time. A special technique. Webster: I love Webster technique because it is bio mechanically correct. I pair this with what is also called Basic technique for the sacrum and pelvis. I also developed the Farris Technique, which I will walk you through at your appointment. I am Nationally and TN Board Certified to provide chiropractic care for patients including pregnancies and pediatrics. Dr. Farris at Franklin Family Chiropractic is continually reading, educating ourselves, getting our continuing education and practicing on each other to perfect our methods. It also helps us work as a team if you have a complicated case. This gives you the best outcome. My purpose is to provide chiropractic for the rest of our lives and that will not change.
  • Sleep: Can’t help you there. But being in alignment, out of pain, and not having to pee all the time will only help sleep.
  • Turning babies: We do Not turn babies and are fully against it. This would be the job of an ob or midwife during delivery if it is necessary. The reason is this. We are conservative because there is no greater Power than the healing and innate system of the body to know Why your baby is Not turned. What if it is in that position because the cord is wrapped around its neck or another body part? No ultrasound can fully give you comfort on this. We perform the Webster, Basic, and manual chiropractic techniques as well as coaching through inversions. It is about your body being healthy and trusting there is a reason that little baby is not turning. You can have a well-functioning body during pregnancy.
    In fact, Dr. Janelle S. Farris opened the second branch of Franklin Family Chiropractic in Physician’s Plaza at the Williamson Hospital Complex to be more convenient for you! Really! I am accessible so that you may piggyback your greater Nashville OB appointments with natural chiropractic care.

Prenatal Chiropractic in Brentwood

At Franklin Family Chiropractic we can provide personalized care throughout your pregnancy as well as after. Our trained staff can help alleviate and even prevent common pains and problems associated with pregnancy. In doing this we give you and your baby a better chance of a smooth and safe birth.

Chiropractic care is just one of the many safe and effective treatments that can help prepare the mother’s body for the experience of pregnancy and child birth. There are specialized adjustment methods to accommodate pregnancy. Many of the women that choose to receive chiropractic care during their pregnancy find that it helped them use little to no pain medications throughout their delivery. There are also studies finding that receiving regular care can help reduce labor time.

Franklin Family Chiropractic in Brentwood has the educated and trained staff to answer your questions. We are also here to provide safe, controlled, and gentle care for you. Call today to take a step towards a more pain free and natural pregnancy.

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