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Dr. Janelle S. Farris has been a life-long athlete. Not only has she intensively studied athletic injuries, she has lived through some. Being an athlete doesn’t mean you have to be a cross-fit champion or an Olympic swimmer. For some people, it means they power walk ‘every day; without fail’, rain or shine. It also means the athlete may be 5 years old and in gymnastics. Or maybe you are said pro-athlete, which everyone knows is hard work. Still, it is not fun when you are hurt. The fact is, regardless of if you call it playing, exercise, or working out, we should all move our body. The frustrating part is when we get hurt doing something healthy! Maybe you just started working out again or are about to finally reach a goal. Bam. Sports Injury.

Chiropractic care is the first choice for athletic injuries

It helps the body heal from the inside out. A chiropractic adjustment re-aligned, balances, and brings back flexibility and pliability to the area. As a former athletic trainer, I fully believe in re-strengthening the area. However, it makes no sense to strengthen something ‘out of correction’ or that is actually hurt!

So what is the magic formula on healing faster? I will tell you, the most important thing is to heal properly. The body takes as long as it takes. But what you do during this process is the key.

  • You can go two ways on the ice/heat. Professionally, I say, ice the heck out of it. This is nature’s anti-inflammatory and keeps you off NSAIDS. Heat brings in the inflammation: ie: inflammatory. However, a long hot shower, followed by ice would be the most pro-active thing you can do if you don’t want to choose. Just understand Why you are doing it.
  • Get chiropractic adjustments. There is a reason why all pro athletes and Olympians want chiropractors on their team. Because it works! The adjustment works. The self-healing energy of the body works.

Getting your spine in line is the first line of defense. But we at Franklin Family Chiropractic also adjust the joints. Sometimes it needs to be extremely gentle mobilization and working up to it. Think about this, if you sprain an ankle; would it not ‘throw off’ your back? The snowball either accumulates for the good or the bad. And getting adjusted and allowing your body to adapt to proper health is the best way to heal.

  • Get in the pool. The inconvenient, cold pool. You wanted to know! Put on one of those floaty belt straps or use a kick board. There is rarely an injury that cannot be helped along by pool work.
  • Likewise, yoga or smart stretching of the body will help the injured area, even if you are not actively stretching the injury.

Common athletic injuries we treat.

Concussions. Vital. They are a game changer, let Franklin Family Chiropractic help you with this. Concussions are a big deal.
Muscle pulls and sprain/strains. Yep, it is the injury in the muscle that pulled you out of alignment. But it happened. If there is any sharp pain in the area, that is a nerve. Likely a “pulled back” is a recipe for a disc issue or is showing you there is already a weakness in that area.
Likewise, sprain/strains in the ankles usually happen because of an accident. But reoccurring ones or an area of the body that isn’t ‘all the way better’, becomes a chronic problem.
Over-training issues. You are not hurt. But you are in some kind of odd pain, likely that cannot be seen on X-rays. This is how we both got our start in chiropractic! There isn’t a life-threatening diagnosis, but you should be ‘working better’. You should feel secure in your workouts. You should feel good! So often if a person is working out, but has a sub-clinical issue, getting to the cause of the problem vital. If the athlete works as a team with us, they get faster and stronger much more quickly. My folks who like to workout are great at doing their ‘homework’. And they have solutions from us. You should feel well, Franklin Family Chiropractic!.

The difference in your life is: What do you do with this? What is the Quality of Life that you want to have? Who is on Team You? At Franklin Family Chiropractic, we work with the three causes of stress and pain in the body: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. Is the cause of all your stress and pain being addressed? It is about getting a spine in line and also being your health coach. To Live a better Quality of Life: Call Franklin Family Chiropractic Brentwood TN: (615) 967-7585. Dr. Janelle Farris is here to help get you out of pain and improve your quality of life.

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